Friday, June 3, 2011

Internet Wanderings 02

  • brief review of (the first three episodes of) Chris Lilley's latest series, Angry Boys.
  • Ever thought of creating a list of literature for the budding misogynist? Esquire have. Wankers.
  • And here's a reply to aforementioned misogynistic book list. Brilliant.
  • Did you think we only use 10% of our brain's total capacity? You're wrong, and here are some other bogus brain facts.
  • Is the book dead? (HA!)
  • Chronic Confabulation and Art: how creative types are just downright rotten liars!
  • The Brontë sisters and Branwell (their brother whom I've never heard of) were juvenile sci-fi enthusiasts! Care for a trip to Gondal or Angria?
  • The Oprah Effect and how it has changed the face of publishing...for a select few, of course.
Enjoy! Go Red Sox.


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